about lift

Lift Group are a team of leading independent management consultants that specialise in the area of cost reduction management. Based in Melbourne, with consultants in Sydney and Brisbane, Lift assists organisations in reducing and managing their business costs across four major categories - People, Technology, Services and Management. We specialise in helping small to medium size organisations across all industries, including non-profit, government and educational institutions.

Our core strength is in the area of cost reduction management - a skill we feel very few business leaders have adequately developed. In our experience, companies with management teams that are well-versed in cost reduction strategies have the ability to thrive in any economic climate. We believe cost reduction, if handled properly, has the capacity to transform organisational profitability and bring stability and focus to any business.

"Our clients tell us they find our service and demeanour refreshing and feel secure in the
knowledge they are getting genuine, independent advice at all times ..."

We see talent as critical to our success, and with experienced consultants across all business areas, including: finance, informational technology, human resources and marketing, our strategies are second to none. When our services are engaged our only purpose is to provide the highest quality of service and deliver the greatest cost reduction solutions to our clients. It is this philosophy that continues to drive us to produce the highest results.

Managing Director, Lift Group